Voelt Emojis

Beating Heart: beating, beating heart, heartbeat, pulsating Accordion: accordian, accordion, concertina, squeeze box Growing Heart: excited, growing, growing heart, nervous, pulse Yin Yang: religion, tao, taoist, yang, yin Yin Yang: religion, tao, taoist, yang, yin Waning Gibbous Moon Symbol: gibbous, moon, waning Waning Crescent Moon Symbol: crescent, moon, waning Long Drum: beat, conga, drum, long drum, rhythm Closed Mailbox with Lowered Flag: closed, closed mailbox with lowered flag, lowered, mail, mailbox, postbox Open Mailbox with Lowered Flag: lowered, mail, mailbox, open, open mailbox with lowered flag, postbox Anatomical Heart: anatomical, cardiology, heart, organ, pulse, koffie, uit, lijkt, geholpen, zou, welke, hoort, ziet, uitziet, snapt.

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